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The Transportation Management System (TMS) campaign goal was to increase product awareness and lead generation. The strategy included email, account-based marketing, paid search, retargeting and social media marketing tactics. The six-month campaign received 61 new leads and earned $2M in revenue.

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TMS Campaign

C-suite targeted email

TMS Advertisement

Forbes ad placement for TMS

TMS Social Media

Targeted LinkedIn messaging

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The Warehouse Management System (WMS) go-to-market campaign goal is to publicize the new 2018 capabilities, generate net-new opportunities and maintain our position as the leader in WMS. The tactics included 11 thought leadership blogs, social media and retargeting. The campaign gained the attention of a leading IDC analyst.

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WMS Campaign

LinkedIn post promoting product new capabilities

WMS Blog

WMS thought leadership content


Advertisement to promote product new capability.

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What is Order Streaming?

Created a product explainer script and video in collaboration with the Product Director to describe the new capability, Order Streaming, and its benefits.

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Video Channel
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Events & PR

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MODEX Trade Show

Led the largest 4-day supply chain trade show in Atlanta overseeing product focus, messaging, social media strategy, advertising, SMEs and booth layout resulting in $2.2M in new opportunities.


AudaPro User Meeting

Customer invite for product user meeting to receive hands-on training. The meeting attracted over 50 members.

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HIM Educational Summit Agenda

Led the first customer-focused summit in Isle of Palms, South Carolina focused on cross-selling, education and networking. Increased program attendance 15% through channel and email marketing.

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Education Expo Media Alert

Media alert to the public informing consumers of the community event. The event earned $20,000 is sponsorship revenue, 12 clients and 200 attendees.

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